Lao Gan Ma

Crispy Chilli Oil

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Soy­bean oil (40%) Chilli (35%) Onion (8%) Fer­ment­ed soy­beans, salt, sichuan pep­per­corn, sug­ar, flavour enhancer (E621)


The Holy Grail of all condi­ments, Lao Gan Ma Crispy Chilli oil com­bines chilies and fer­ment­ed soy­beans with gar­lic and onions.

“Lao Gan Ma, (老干妈) or ​“old god­moth­er” is a brand of chili sauce. In 1997, founder Tao Huabi (陶华碧) start­ed her busi­ness in Guizhou, Chi­na. She’s the very same lady pic­tured on the label!

She was born into a poor fam­i­ly in a remote moun­tain vil­lage and did not ful­ly learn to read or write. Wid­owed a few years after mar­ry­ing her hus­band and hav­ing two kids, she opened a noo­dle shop to sup­port her family.

She soon became well-known for the spe­cial chili sauce she served with her noo­dles, set up her own sauce fac­to­ry, and became a self-made bil­lion­aire with an inter­na­tion­al sauce empire!”

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The best chilli oil around!

My friend introduced me to this brand and now it’s a staple in our house. Can go through a jar in a week as it goes with everything and tastes amazing!