Shallot Sauce

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Canola Oil, Shallot (37%), Soybean Sauce (Soybean, Wheat, Salt), Soy Protein, Salt, Spices, Chilli, Flavouring, Sugar, Yeast Extract, Flavour Enhancer: E627, E631


"The single most versatile condiment ever made, shallot sauce is the Johann Cruyff in the squad of condiments — conceivably able to take the place of any other condiment on this list and do its job better. Shallot sauce is not the brownish sauce one might be imagining, but a suspension of deep fried onions in oil. Its taste is somewhere in between the crispy burnt onions a favourite aunt might put on her biryani, a mild chilli oil, and a tin of Bovril; intensely savoury from the addition of soybean and yeast, the latter of which makes a few teaspoons as disarmingly filling as a pint of Guinness. Shallot sauce recognises no nationality or cuisine: In the last week, in a kitchen close to home it’s been applied to a chicken sandwich, a pie, added to a salad dressing, thrown into a stir fry (in place of chopped onions), and on plain rice (in place of anything.)" - Jonathan Nunn - https://london.eater.com/22302...


Product of Taiwan