Kyoto Ra-Yu Furikake

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Ingredients: sesame, red pepper, garlic, salt, vegetable oil, sugar, Kujo onion, soy sauce, starch, seasoning (amino acid etc.), caramel color, sweetener (licorice), eggshell calcium; (contains wheat, soy)


"Shichimi Togarashi" is a Japanese pepper scent that was born in Yakukenbori in Tokyo in the early Edo period and was introduced to Kyoto and spread from the front of Kiyomizu-dera, the birthplace of "Kyoto Shichimi".

Imported direct from Ochanoko-Saisai, Nishiki Market in Kyoto, this Ra-Yu (spicy oil) based furikake, made with Kyoto-grown Kujo green onions, is one of my favourite ingredients. Umami, sweet, spicy and crunchy, the furikake is crammed with roasted sesame and green onions.

Delicious as a rice seasoning - I also love it on eggs!


Made in Japan

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